Week 4 Reflection

I have reached the end of Matched but are all my questions answered? Most off them have been but there are still some floating around unanswered and that was the end of the book. I was a little let down with the ending of Matched because it didn’t answer those final questions, like who does Cassia pick? However there are two more books that are apart of that trilogy. Matched was a different type of book to others that I have read, the book was based in a society where everything is done for you. I’m still not hooked on the idea of the society controlling your whole entire life but little things like them picking your clothes for you is fine. It does make me wonder why the author Ally Condie decided to base this storyline on a society theme. The author writes her story as if your Cassia because your wondering who she’s going to choose and she is also in that dilemma too. It was a book that made your head blow up with questions between characters Cassia, Xander and Ky. This book was kind of set out in steps like how there life starts for example the match banquet and then getting a job. There were many problems which kept the book going and filled with action from all characters. There were some surprises in the book that I was not expecting or did not imagining. Which was when Ky was told that he was going to work, in the army in an outer province. I would like to read the next two books that come after Matched, as I would like to find out my unanswered questions. I do wonder though if the rest of the secrets will unravel in the second book or if that’s just a book that’s in between and keeping up us with what’s happening. I do think that maybe everything will come out in the last book as it’s the end of the trilogy. After looking at the front cover of the next book Reached, I predict that maybe Cassia will break out of  the societies comfort zone (like the bubble) and perhaps end up picking  Ky or maybe Xander. I’m not really sure what’s to come but I will be reading the following books, as I do need to find out who she ends up with. Overall I thought Matched was a great book choice for Lit Circles, as it does create a lot of discussion. It made your mind fill with questions and some that my other classmates wanted the answer to too.

This year I enjoyed Lit Circles because as soon as I heard this book I thought that it is one that I would like to read. It was a bit different to what I like to read, which is action and mystery but it still included those genres. I hadn’t read a book based on a society before so I thought this could be interesting, to see how characters would deal with it in the book. I think that Lit Circles gets people into reading and also explaining what they’ve understand, by sharing their activities. I found all the activities good and interesting as people had creative ways to present them.

Week 4 Activity- Coat of Arms


  1. Ky’s Artefact: I chose to draw Ky’s artefact because Ky decided to give it to Cassia and said “It will help you find me.” He did this because he knew he was going to be leaving and Cassia was the one person, he could trust to find him.
  2. Ky with the officials: I drew this scene of Ky been held down by officials because Cassia knew exactly you that was a she saw a figure between them. At that very moment Cassia didn’t know what was happening, if it was her decision that made this happen or did they see the kiss. All these thoughts were rushing through her mind and she was concerned for Ky as she thought it was her fault.
  3. Airtrain Station: The airtrain in this picture represents how Cassia’s family was moving to another Province which was the Keya Province. Cassia was a little upset that we’re going to have to move from their borough. In the end though it she was going to be able to find Ky after studying maps in the museum.
  4. Envelope full of things: This envelope was a goodbye gift form Xander which shows they still have a relationship together. Even though it might not be as strong as Ky and Cassia’s. Inside the envelope were blue tablets, a couple of new rose blooms and a printed copy of the Hundred Paintings. It shows that Xander will miss Cassia even if Cassia doesn’t love him as much as she used too.



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Week 3 Reflection

We’re almost at the end of the book and so much has happened in these chapters. My head has been filled with thoughts and questions while reading.  The big question that’s been going through my head since Ky was introduced is…..  Who will Cassia choose Xander or Ky? I’m starting to think that Cassia will pick Ky because he’s slowly bringing her closer, even though the society says no! However during this chapter Xander was in and out of the book. When they’re at the game centre, Cassia still has a relationship with Xander and some secrets could possibly be hitting Xander, when he suspects that Ky is losing on purpose. I feel like Cassia will chose Ky because they did share there first kiss together but was that unfair to Xander? Xander and Cassia have also shared their first kiss too. They both seem to be friendly and care a lot about Cassia but Ky has been teaching her to write in cursive letters. I think Cassia feels exactly the same way as Ky feels about her, making them the perfect match. I do feel that Ky could be in danger and Cassia possibly in danger too. Both of those characters have secrets kept to themselves but somehow the officials know too. I do feel worried for them as they are in danger but they have a really strong connection and things are starting to really happen between them. Like Cassia writing in cursive “I love you,” while hiking.

Another question I wonder about while reading is do all the characters in the book have a secret, not known or told. I wonder this because Cassia’s mother was mentioned that the society could be after her and i’m not sure why. On the other side though Ky did have a secret once but Cassia knows that and so do we as the readers. Cassia’s mother also has been on two work trips which makes me think. Could that be one of the reasons behind why the society is after her? Hopefully these secrets are spilled in these last few chapters and my questions will be answered. I predict for the ending of the book that Ky will sacrifice his relationship with Cassia so she won’t become an aberration like he is now. I wonder what the ending will turn out to be, it could be my prediction or the opposite.