Week 4 Activity- Coat of Arms


  1. Ky’s Artefact: I chose to draw Ky’s artefact because Ky decided to give it to Cassia and said “It will help you find me.” He did this because he knew he was going to be leaving and Cassia was the one person, he could trust to find him.
  2. Ky with the officials: I drew this scene of Ky been held down by officials because Cassia knew exactly you that was a she saw a figure between them. At that very moment Cassia didn’t know what was happening, if it was her decision that made this happen or did they see the kiss. All these thoughts were rushing through her mind and she was concerned for Ky as she thought it was her fault.
  3. Airtrain Station: The airtrain in this picture represents how Cassia’s family was moving to another Province which was the Keya Province. Cassia was a little upset that we’re going to have to move from their borough. In the end though it she was going to be able to find Ky after studying maps in the museum.
  4. Envelope full of things: This envelope was a goodbye gift form Xander which shows they still have a relationship together. Even though it might not be as strong as Ky and Cassia’s. Inside the envelope were blue tablets, a couple of new rose blooms and a printed copy of the Hundred Paintings. It shows that Xander will miss Cassia even if Cassia doesn’t love him as much as she used too.



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