Week 2 Reflection

This weeks of reading Matched I have found that it’s starting to get more interesting especially, between Cassia and Ky. Lots of events have happened some a a bit more important than others, with Cassia holding onto a poem that she was given to from her grandfather, that is dangerous. Officials entering their house and Cassia worried about been caught their right on the spot with the poem. However their have been some special moments between Xander and Cassia and Ky and Cassia. Cassia has a great relationship with Xander but it creating a strong relationship with Ky too but totally different. Xander and Cassia had their first kiss meanwhile Cassia was spotted by Ky in a bush reading the old dangerous poem. She has also been taught how to right in cursive writing by Ky. There are secrets between Ky and Cassia which makes me still wonder wether she’s falling towards Ky. The thing is that Cassia already knows most things about Xander and there’s nothing really to explore beyond him. Ky on the other hand is a new person to Cassia and she can find out more about him wether it’s while their hiking because it seems as though there always coming first and second. I also wonder how Ky knows out to write in cursive, is it because he came from another province? I’m finding Matched a different sort of book mainly because it’s set in a society but it’s getting good and secrets are unravelling. This book is also full of wonder whether it’s wondering what a word means or what’s going to happen next and who Cassia is falling towards most even though she’s been matched with Xander. I wonder what’s going to happen in the chapters to come.

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