Week 1 Reflection

After reading eight chapters of the book Matched, I haven’t loved it like I can’t put my book down but who knows what’s going to come next. Matched has a different setting to the book than others and is set in a society where everything is done for you. For example who you get matched with and when you die. I’m not sure if I lived in that society, that I would like them to control all of my life, meaning that I wouldn’t have anything to look forward. When it was the night of the Match Banquet I would of being feeling the way Cassia felt, when nothing came up on the screen, just black. In the end though I was happy for Cassia and Xander as they got together. However if I was getting matched by an official, I don’t think I would really like it because what happens if you don’t like that person your then matched with forever. For Cassia though she is happy as she is matched with her best friend and she knows everything about him too. When Cassia swipes her microcard, to check out if there’s any information that she doesn’t already know about Xander something happens. At first I thought when Ky Markham’s face pops up that it was just a mix up with the microcards or that’s meant to be her match but know officials are saying that it could be a prank. I’m not sure what’s to come next because is Cassia slowly learning more about him and is drifting over that way or is she firm with Xander. I am also wondering if Ky is hiding a big secret that hasn’t been unveiled for a reason.

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